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Hello! I first saw this tag over at Tiffany’s blog however the original creator is Olivia! Go check out both of their blogs because they have some awesome bookish content!


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  • Answer as many or as few of the questions as you’d like.
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Question Time!

facebook cover #1

I mean, if this book didn’t break your heart do you even have one? This book had romance, humor, and heartbreak all wrapped into a bundle of emotions that punches you in the gut repeatedly. Will I ever get over what John Green made me feel? Probably not.

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Caraval is technically the first book in this series and it is really good but Legendary is that much better! I am dying for the final book in this trilogy, hoping that it will exceed even Legendary. If you even have an inkling of waning to read this series I say do it!

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I would give my right arm for this to become a movie. You have fallen angels who also represent the deadly sins and they cause havoc in the world. Not to mention their half human half angel children who are created solely for the purpose of corrupting the humans. This is an older series but I would 100% recommend reading it

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I mean…. just tell me when to stop honestly. How could I possibly limit myself to one beautiful book cover when there are thousands just within the YA genre.

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I’m surprised that these get so much hate. No they didn’t bring anything new into the YA fantasy genre but they were fun to read. There was action, romance and an interesting world.

facebook cover #1 (5)

I can’t tell you how many times I read this series, all 14 books. I loved the characters and the crazy scenarios they got themselves into. I know this series is also somewhat controversial but I never felt the need to act like the girls in this series when I was in middle school. It was just a fun series to read.

facebook cover #1 (6)

I have no words to describe how much I love this series. This is a larger book, over 500 pages, and I probably read it within a day or two; then immediately picked up the second one. The world building is beautifully laid out, the characters have so much depth and we get the chance to see them evolve. The fantasy and magic are perfectly laid out and easy to understand. Please read this trilogy.

facebook cover #1 (9)

This is an adorable graphic novel about a male who secretly wishes to dress as a female. It’s about acceptance and living the life you imagined for yourself. It also follows the dressmakers journey to becoming a famous designer. It’s a very easy read and, spoiler alert, has a happy ending

What books would you pair with these awesome Taylor Swift songs? Lets chat!

3 thoughts on “The Wonderstruck Book Tag

  1. OMG I loved so many of your answers to this tag 🙂 You definitely picked the most beautiful covers ❤ I could stare at them all day! I also really love The Selection even though it's not the most popular and well-loved series out there. It's been such a long time too since I've read The Clique series, and it's definitely very over the top and dramatic but it's SOOOO nostalgic. Great post!!


  2. Thank you SO much for doing my tag!💘Eek, so many great books on this list. I agree, TFIOS completely broke my heart and I think it broke the rest of the world’s too, haha! Also, yes, I really did love The Selection. I’m not sure I’d love it as much now, but it was honestly one of my favorites a few years ago and I feel like it can get easily underrated. Wonderful post!


  3. Oh this is such a cute tag! I really enjoyed Caraval, but Legendary was so much better! More intense and mystifying, I think. Can’t wait to read the last book, especially with that cliffhanger, right?! And all three of those books have such stunning covers. So many YA books nowadays have gorgeous covers, but there are still some blatant standouts haha. I had downloaded a sample of The Prince and the Dressmaker on my phone but I could barely see the words LOL. So I haven’t got to reading it just yet, but I’ve heard so many bloggers, yourself included, mention how sweet it is. Hope to read it myself some other day. Lovely post! 🙂


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